Freelance Real Estate

Freelance Real Estate

Larry Tompkins AREINZ  –  Licensee Agent REAA (2008)

Can I work for Freelance?

If you are a Licensee Salesperson REAA (2008) with at least 12 months experience you certainly can!

However, a Freelance Salesperson has to enjoy working independently with a well equipped home office and computer, including a copier/scanner/printer, smart phone and modern vehicle.

You will be client and customer focused and driven to get the best possible result for your Vendors.

Your minimum standards are the REAA Professional Code of Conduct Rules and the REINZ Best Practice Guides.

Our low fees will be compensated to you with a higher starting commission split, rising quickly to 70%. Freelance will cover the costs of your REAA Licence, Verifiable Training and REINZ membership provided you meet modest sales targets. Conditions Apply.

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adverb: freelance; adverb: free-lance
  1. 1.
    earning one’s living as a freelance.
    “I work freelance from home”